Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sandstorm in AD

The sandstorm from the office window. The little spec is the sun (although it looks like the moon!)

A car (not mine) after the sandstorm:


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. parata Masala man. I didnt ask your opinion. I found a picture online and I will use it till a. The person in the picture asks me not to, or b. a copyright holder asks me to stop.

As I said, I can claim alot of things, I can claim that that corvette you took a picture of is mine and that you must not use it's picture.

The burden of proof is on the accuser. I was just accused of using someone else' picture, they must prove that it is theirs.

Go back to Bombay and leave the real Humans to speak Parata man.

Masood Sharif said...

Feel free to claim whatever you want. I will always call a thief a thief. Understand?

A juvenile name calling? Tsk tsk. Time to grow up soon me thinks and throw the dummy away.

And FYI, you can claim the corvette as yours but as I took the picture in a public place, its mine. The corvette could be yours, but the picture is mine. There is a difference. Pity you don't understand.

Hey ho.